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Frequently asked questions.

1. Question: What is your delivery lead time?
Answer: Depending on quantity and if we have it in stock we shoot for 1-4 days.

2. Question: How far will you deliver?
Answer: We offer free quotes, and delivery depends on time and distance. If you are willing to pay the delivery we will ship you material.

3. Question: What size is your mini bark, small bark, medium bark and walk-on bark? And what kind of bark is it?
Answer: All of these barks are Fir Bark. The mini bark is 3/8” minus, small is ¼” to ¾”, Medium is ½” to 2” and walk-on is a 3” minus.

4. Question: Can I bring my pickup truck in to get loaded.
Answer: Yes, we will sell ¾ of a yard minimum. A typical full size truck can carry 1 ½ cubic yards.

5. Question: Can you make custom soils?
Answer: We can make custom soils in 20 yard increments or more. Smaller quantities are hard to make efficiently. You give us your receipt and we will source the materials and give you a quote for free.

6. Question:  Does your Playground Chip meet or exceed the ASTM and CPSC standards?
Answer: Yes, we have test results for ASTM and CPSC standards, as well as IPEMA certification.

7. Question: What is the largest size delivery you can make with a truck and trailer?
Answer: 100 cubic yards weight permitting.

8. Question: Can I dump dirt and grass that I ripped out of my yard at your location?
Answer: Yes, we have different fees for different size loads, but we will be more than happy to take the material.

9. Question: How many yards of material do I need?
Answer: Please use the yardage calculator provided, or look under the general formulas tab for a mathematical equation. If you need further help just give us a call. 1-760-740-SAND

10. Question: Can I come and get samples?
Answer: Yes. We encourage you to come to the yard and see the material in person. If you need a sample for your customer you are more than welcome to take a little sample with you.