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Use Top Dressing to Improve the Quality of Your Lawn Soil

The quality of the base soil can spell the difference between a lush lawn and one that looks more like a barren desert. But when the grass has established itself on the lot, it can be difficult to do some changes to the quality of the soil.

Using top dressing can improve organic matter without disturbing the grass. As opposed to tilling or digging, using a top dressing can be done without hurting the already established greenery. When done accurately, the top dressing can improve the soil quality without exterminating the existing turf.

When Do You Top Dress the Existing Turf
If you cannot hire a professional gardener, experts advice top dressing early fall or spring to give the turf more time to grow. The seasonal change would give them the needed nutrients to maintain quality during the hot or cold days.

Top dressing your lawn can also be done in a single work or you can do it in several stages. It is also advisable to give your turf time to grow before using this technique so that the grass has firmly established itself in the lawn.

What’s the Importance of Top Dressing Your Lawn
Top dressing can be the final stage of keeping your lawn healthy. The process involves spreading a small layer of organic compost and premium peat moss to help the soil retain its moisture. Top dressing can be a good way to prepare your lawn for planting perennial plants or if your lawn already has an existing turf but wants to maintain its quality without disturbing it.

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